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Common Installation and Operation Questions?

I'm getting a "left property" error, what's the problem?

This is usually caused by Large Fonts being enabled. Right-click on your desktop, click properties. When your display properties comes up, click the Settings tab. Click the Advanced button. Under the General tab, change from Large Fonts to Small Fonts. Cabinet Creator will not operate with Large Font selected.

I'm getting an error during the install?

When prompted with an error during install, just click the Ignore button and continue the install, the install will be successful.  This error occurs when a file on your computer is newer than one we are copying.

I'm getting to many bottom rails on cutlist.

Download the latest version of Cabinet Creator 3.25

Common Program Questions?

Although Cabinet Creator was written for the most common style of Face Frame cabinets, it can be manipulated to perform variations.  If you have come up with one, please let us know, and we will include it in this list.


I dado my face frame to my cabinet box. How do I do this with Cabinet Creator?

You decrease the face frame material thickness in the cabinet standards the amount you want you ends dadoed into your face frame. The cutlist will show you ends and floors the correct width you need.

I dado my floors and braces into my ends. How do I do this with Cabinet Creator?

You decrease your end material thickness in the cabinet standards by the amount you want you floors dadoed into your ends.  The cutlist you get will show your braces and your floor at the correct lengths.



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